If not now... when?

Work, save, travel repeat. 

"Memories are the loveliest things,
They last from day to day,
They can't get lost
They don't wear out
And can't be given away."  ...Wendy Frost

Travel creates memories...

Why should I use a travel agent?

I am here to take the hours and stress of planning off of your shoulders. Instead of looking up random places from your phone at 11:30 at night before bed, trying to reserve flights at your lunch, or calling resorts during your morning drive and kid's events, have Cscape do ALL the research and work for you.

Cscape Travel will save you the time of having to research the destination and all of the best itinerary possibilities. You can simply give me a time frame, budget, and the type of vacation you are looking for and I put together your custom travel plan.

Heaven forbid, but if there are any hiccups in your travel plans, I am here to help fix it. It’s never fun to show up to a tour or hotel and they can’t find your reservation. When Cscape has helped book your trip, I can help reference the provided booking details to resolve the situation quickly.

Cscape Travel is here to take the STRESS so you can REST!

Hello Future Travelers, I'm Carmen Elliott & I'm so happy you are here!

As your travel advisor, I want to get to know YOU!  The more I know about you the more I can plan exactly what style of travel and experiences will make your best memory books. Together we can make your travel adventures into wonderful memories for a lifetime.

My husband of 35 years and I have four adult children & three rambunctious grandsons.  My husband and I love to travel with and WITHOUT our kids.  My love for people and travel have now combined and here I am to help you live out your travel dreams!

Together is our favorite place.  Here are my favorite places to be with:

The Cscape Experience
Clients say it best:

Carmen was so kind to take on planning of this graduation trip for my daughter.  My daughter suggested a train trip, we didn't have a specific destination in mind, just a few suggestions. 

Cscape quickly found this New Orleans trip which included several activities once we arrived.  The luxury historic hotel was just perfect, it even came with its own ghost stories.  We enjoyed a swamp/bayou cruise, a jazz cruise down the Mississippi and a day of city touring.

It was the perfect mix of planned activities yet enough time for us to personalize it to our interests.  There were a few hiccups from vendors that were taken care of immediately.  She was very timely and professional.  I would definitely recommend her plan any trip you need!

-Pamala Hurst, Cscape Client

Cscape is a certified Hawaii Specialist!

Cscape loves Hawaii!  Hawaii is literally the closest place to heaven on earth we can think of.  It is a trip you definitely want to have an expert help you plan.  Here is what one Hawaiian Vacation Client has to say about using Cscape:

Cscape is absolutely amazing! Carmen has not only patiently researched, organized, and booked an entire Hawaiin trip for us, but she then turned around and re-booked the entire thing when we had to change dates! I truly felt horrible, but this angel of an agent did so with absolutely no angst or bother whatsoever!

 - Kenja Fraley Cscape Client